Starting Solids

All about starting solids when your baby's ready (around 6 months of age). Each page begins with a short video followed by key messages in English and 9 other languages. Scroll down each page for more detailed information (like a How to get started with solids checklist). You might like to start by watching the video on the page Starting solids: Key messages.


Mother with her baby on her lap, giving her baby a spoon of pureed baby food

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在六個月大的時候,您的寶貝開始需要固體食物所提供的額外維他命及礦物質 (特別是鐵和鋅)。

新生兒到6個月大的嬰兒最好的飲品是母乳(或配方奶─在沒有母乳的情況下)。 從7-12個月,母乳(或配方牛奶)及水是寶寶最好的飲品。

當寶寶準備好時 (六個月大左右),開始用湯匙餵食泥糊狀食物



到這個時候,您的寶寶大概一天吃3-4餐、1-2次點心、並喝2-3次的母乳 (或配方奶)。