Meal Planning

There are things you can do to save time and make planning your baby's meals easier. The pages listed below each begin with a short video followed by key messages in English and 9 other languages. You might like to start by watching the video on the page A great way to stock up!

Two mothers preparing baby food together in the kitchen

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Prepare a week of baby meat and vegetables and freeze in individual containers (such as ice cube trays). Do some tasks the day before. Check out some other time saving tips.

Around 6 months, your baby starts to need the extra vitamins and minerals (especially iron and zinc) that are in solid foods. Iron is especially important for your baby to keep blood and brain cells healthy.

A great way to stock up on baby food - cook a large amount and freeze portions. Once your baby's eating foods with more texture, you could put any healthy leftovers from the family meal into a blender and blend to a lumpy pulp.