Eczema Care: Bathing Video Transcript

Eczema Care: Bathing Video Transcript


Video transcript for eczema care: bathing

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Bath time can be a lot of fun and can be really helpful for your child with eczema.

Bathing once a day helps to clean the skin and prepares the skin for creams after the bath.

Remember not to use soap or shower gel as this can make eczema worse.

The bath should last about 10 minutes.  The water should be warm not hot.  It’s important to use a moisturiser or non soap product to wash the skin. 

Remember to spoon out the moisturiser onto a dish or paper towel, then take the moisturiser and start washing the skin. Mix it with the water and gently wash the skin with the palm of your hand. You don’t need a flannel or a sponge - just gently clean the same way you would normal skin in the shower, around and around, from head to toe, making sure that you clean all areas including the face and the head.

When the bath is finished, have your towel ready. Pat your baby dry, don’t rub.  Rubbing can further irritate the skin. 
This is the perfect time to apply the steroid creams if they're needed but also to apply the moisturisers. Apply the moisturiser from head to toe.


Use a moisturising wash or soap substitute.

Don’t use soap or bubble bath.

Pat the skin dry. Don’t share towels.

Apply eczema creams immediately after the bath.

If your child still has red, itchy, active eczema please see your doctor or nurse.

This page last reviewed 02 December 2021.

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