Illustration of child's face with measles rash

Protect tamariki aganist measles. It can be very dangerous and spreads faster than almost any other disease.  If you're unsure whether your child has had their MMR immunisation, check with your Well Child Tamariki Ora provider or GP practice.

Parents with their baby in hospital with a doctor

Whooping cough can make pēpi very sick and some pēpi can die. Having whooping cough immunisation in pregnancy protects pēpi in their first weeks of life. Start immunising pēpi the day they turn 6 weeks old to keep protecting them.

Oat the goat

Signs of bullying might include tummy aches, nightmares, your child not wanting to go to school and loss of confidence. Your child may lose contact with friends and seem isolated. Find out what you can do.

A dental therapist sitting in a chair

Photos and words to help you talk to your child about what happens when they visit a dental therapist.  

Photo of a baby sleeping

Pēpi need sleep to grow and develop. Sleep needs vary and change as they grow. Your baby's sleep needs may differ from other babies their age. Knowing what to expect at each stage helps you understand their sleep needs as they grow.

Mother holding her sleeping baby

From 1 March 2023, pēpi and tamariki can get free protection from meningococcal B disease with the MenB (Bexsero) vaccine.