Rotavirus Immunisation

Rotavirus Immunisation

Immunisation protects against rotavirus - a common tummy bug that children catch easily. Rotavirus causes vomiting and diarrhoea (runny, watery poo/tūtae).


Key points to remember about rotavirus immunisation

  • babies have the rotavirus vaccine as part of their free 6 week and 3 month immunisations
  • rotavirus is a common tummy bug that children catch easily
  • rotavirus causes vomiting and diarrhoea (runny, watery poo/tūtae) which can lead to dehydration 
  • immunisation protects against rotavirus - it prevents over 80 percent cases of severe rotavirus diarrhoea
  • if you miss these dates, you can catch up, but your baby needs the first vaccine before 15 weeks of age - this is so your baby has both doses before they are 25 weeks of age
  • your baby can't have the rotavirus vaccine after 25 weeks because the risk of serious reactions increases after this age
  • your baby will have the rotavirus vaccine by mouth (orally) - it's squirted into your baby's mouth 
  • it's important to wash and dry hands carefully after changing nappies and before touching food to stop the spread of the virus
  • there is a small risk of intussusception from receiving rotavirus immunisation, usually in the first week after immunisation
  • the overall benefits of immunisation far outweigh the very small risk of intussusception

This page last reviewed 28 May 2018.
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