Children's Cancer Services In New Zealand

Children's Cancer Services In New Zealand

Child cancer care is coordinated across New Zealand so that all children get the best available treatment wherever they live.


How common is childhood cancer in New Zealand?

  • in New Zealand, about 150 children (birth to 14 years) are diagnosed with cancer each year
  • childhood cancer is rare - of all the newly diagnosed New Zealanders with cancer, 1 in 100 are children
  • more than 80 in 100 patients diagnosed with a childhood cancer are cured as the result of treatment
  • an estimated 1 in 900 people aged between 16 and 34 years are childhood cancer survivors

How are children's cancer services organised in New Zealand?

Child cancer care is coordinated across New Zealand. That means all children get the best available treatment wherever they live.

'Shared care' model to deliver care as close to home as possible

The services use a 'shared care' model for children from centres outside Auckland and Christchurch. The tertiary treatment centres of Auckland and Christchurch partner with the local paediatric team so that as much of the treatment as safely possible can be given close to home. In other words, your child may be referred for treatment, at times, to a main centre hospital, then return for treatment to your local hospital. The aim of 'shared care' is to deliver safe, effective and appropriate care by using the paediatric service closest to the family home, as often as is practicable, in order to get the best results for your child.

International collaboration to share results and information, and continually improve treatment

New Zealand child cancer services are part of an international network sharing results and information, and cooperating in continually improving treatment. This international collaboration means:

  • information and expertise is continually updated
  • knowledge remains current and available to all the health professionals involved in the management of childhood cancer across New Zealand
  • New Zealand's children's cancer services direct the use, in New Zealand, of internationally proven treatment protocols and this includes all currently useful cancer medicines

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