Autism-Takiwātanga Videos

Autism-Takiwātanga Videos

A range of videos and animations, including children's voices about their experience of the autism spectrum.


12 fast facts about autism (Australia)

This animated video (4 minutes 30 seconds) has been produced as part of a project called Autism Explained.

Find out about Autism Explained.

12 fast facts about autism for kids (Australia)

This video (9 minutes 56 seconds) has been produced as part of a project called Autism Explained. It features children talking about their experience of the autism spectrum.

Amazing things happen (Amazing Things Project, UK)

An animated film (5 minutes 30 seconds) providing an introduction to the autism spectrum. It was created as part of the UK Amazing Things Project.

The video is available in a range of languages at

Amazing kids (Amazing Things Project, UK)

In this animated film (5 minutes 13 seconds), you can listen to children from different backgrounds share their unique experiences of the autistism spectrum in their own words.

Ky's story: Living with autism (Australia)

An animated film (4 minutes 06 seconds) which begins with Hugo Weaving speaking about the key characteristics of the autism spectrum as experienced by his own 16-year-old nephew Ky Greenwood.

Marvellous Max - autism awareness for kids (Australia)

An animated film (3 minutes 0 seconds) for primary school children. It aims to create more awareness of the autism spectrum in primary school children. This may be useful for classmates - to set the tone for an inclusive school environment.

What is autism? (UK)

A brief introduction to the autism spectrum, this animated film (2 minutes 41 seconds) is from the National Autistic Society, UK. The person speaking in the film, 'the autistic gardner', has autism spectrum disorder.

Sesame Street video (US)

In this video (10 minutes 07 seconds), you meet Julia, an old buddy of Elmo's. Julia has autism and she and Elmo share an amazing friendship.

Sesame Street - Thomas' story (US)

In this video (6 minutes 27 seconds) you meet Thomas and his family. Thomas uses an iPad to communicate and has an assistance dog.

Just like you - autism (Just like you films, US)

In this film (20 minutes 49 seconds), meet Morgan and Brook; Austin and Tanner; Christian and Addison. They are children and young people with autism, and their friends and family.

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