Weaning From Breastfeeding

Weaning From Breastfeeding

Thinking about stopping breastfeeding? Starting baby on solids? Try starting with spoon-fed puréed foods when your baby is ready (around 6 months). Start with one food at a time. For more ideas, check the pages with videos below.


Mother breastfeeding her baby in the kitchen
Baby eating finger food

Start with spoon-fed puréed foods when your baby is ready (around 6 months). Move on to mashed and chopped foods over the next few months. Offer finger foods from 7–8 months when your baby is able to pick them up, bring them to their mouth and chew them.

Baby eating from a spoon

Start with one food at a time, and add a new food every 2-4 days. Over time, increase how much and how often you give solid foods. Start with 1-2 teaspoons once a day, and slowly increase.

Mother giving her baby some solid food on a spoon while baby sits on her lap

Safety's important when your baby is eating. Make sure your baby's well-secured in a high chair, or on your lap. Find out about foods that are more likely to cause choking.

Baby holding cup of water

The best drink for babies from birth to 6 months is breast milk (or formula, if breast milk is unavailable). From 7–12 months, breast milk (or formula) and water are the best drinks for your baby.