Parenting - Extra Support During COVID-19

Parenting - Extra Support During COVID-19

Some extra parenting support is available to whānau in the Auckland and Waikato regions - areas particulary affected by COVID-19. Whānau in these areas can currently access 3 Triple P Online Learning Programmes at no cost. Find out more.


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Free online parenting support for whānau in Auckland and Waikato

Experts say that jumping online saved the day for some families looking for parenting support during the COVID lockdowns - especially in Auckland where families had to spend weeks isolating in their homes.

If you're in the Auckland and Waikato regions, you can currently access 3 Triple P Online Learning Programmes at no cost.

Triple P Online - 2 programmes for different age groups

Triple P Online - for whānau with children up to about 12 years.
Teen Triple P Online - for whānau of pre-teens and teens, from about 10 to 16 years.

  • boost your child's or teen's development
  • tailor strategies to suit your child - you know them best!
  • positive parenting has proven benefits for children, now and in the future
  • tips to help your whole family's emotional wellbeing - including yours
  • raise happier, more confident and capable kids
  • improve your relationship with your child or teen
  • enjoy being a parent more!
  • do programs online, at your own pace

Fear-Less Triple P Online - to help manage anxious feelings

Fear-Less Triple P Online - for whānau wanting to help their child or teen learn to manage and reduce anxious feelings.

  • online support for parents of anxious kids (6 to 14 years)
  • find out the 'why' and 'how' of child and teen anxiety
  • learn more about what's helpful and what can accidentally add to anxiety
  • start applying new strategies immediately
  • new online program based on proven principles
  • improve your child's emotional wellbeing in the long term
  • reduce your own stress, too!

Go to the Triple P website to find out how you can access these online programmes.Find out about Triple P Online Parenting Programmes

This page last reviewed 22 December 2021.

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