COVID-19 - Preparing For Positive Cases In Your Home

COVID-19 - Preparing For Positive Cases In Your Home

There are some things whānau can do to prepare for positive cases in their home, as well as having the COVID-19 vaccine. These include preparing a kit with essential items, making a COVID-19 home plan, and preparing to self-isolate.

How are whānau planning for COVID-19?

Watch medical doctors Mania and Turuki as they prepare their COVID-19 plan to protect their family. Visit for more information.


Prepare to self-isolate

If someone in your home tests positive for COVID-19, they will have to self-isolate. 

Friends and family can help drop items to your house. Your doctor or local pharmacy may be able to arrange a medicine delivery to your home. 

There are some important things you can do to prepare your household if you, your child or whānau get COVID-19:

  • have a plan ready which includes key people who can help deliver items to your house
  • have basic medical supplies
  • prepare a COVID-19 essentials kit

Think about how members of your whānau will self-isolate if they test positive. If someone has COVID-19 it is best they avoid contact with others. Is there a room they can stay in alone? Is there a separate bathroom they can use?

Find out how to isolate at home with children

Find out how to prepare (Unite Aganist COVID-19 video)

Read Unite Against COVID-19's advice on preparing to self-isolate.

Make a COVID-19 home plan

Contact family and friends and ask them to help your whānau if someone in your household tests positive. Write down the plan so everyone in your household can see it.

See Prepare Pacific's making a COVID-19 home plan (PDF, 24.75MB)

Image of graphic showing how to make a Covid-19 home plan

Other things to consider:

  • friends and family may be able to drop off supplies to your household if you're isolating - or you can use a food delivery service
  • some people in your household might have specific needs and care arrangements - think about how you can care for them if you have to isolate
  • if you have pets, make sure you have enough food for them too
  • think about how you can look after your own and your family's mental wellbeing if any of you get COVID-19 and have to isolate

Check out other COVID-19 resources, including some in te reo Māori on the Protect Our Whakapapa Facebook page and on the Otago Community Trust website.

Create a COVID-19 care kit with essential items

Prepare ahead by making a COVID-19 care kit with essential items, including medicine, disinfectant, hand sanitiser and rubbish bags.

Have basic medical supplies at home, including pain relief, lozenges and a thermometer.

Have these essential and helpful items ready

See Prepare Pacific's COVID-19 care kit (PDF, 6MB).

Find more information from Prepare Pacific about how Pacific communities can prepare for COVID-19.

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