COVID-19 - Kids It's Time To Mask Your Face

COVID-19 - Kids It's Time To Mask Your Face

Kiwi kids, it's time to mask your face at school and when you're out and about in the community. Protect yourself, your friends, your family, your whānau and community.


Watch the video - Lola and Marlon show Kiwi kids how to mask up

  • it's time to mask up
  • check the fit
  • knot ear loops and tuck sides to fit
  • no side gaps
  • cover mouth and nose
  • medical masks are best but if you don't have one, fabric works too

Find out more about why wearing a mask and creating airflow helps

Why is everyone wearing a mask?

You could also watch this Australian video. Jazz chats to nurse Kareena about why everyone is wearing a mask.

A nurse and a puppet wearing masks - video screenshot

See KidsHealth's section on COVID-19

This page last reviewed 23 November 2021.

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