COVID-19 In 2022 - Helping Kids Who Are Over COVID

COVID-19 In 2022 - Helping Kids Who Are Over COVID

Is your child over the COVID-19 pandemic and feeling a bit sad and down sometimes? A New Zealand psychologist has created a booklet for kids - to help them if they are over COVID-19 - 'The RONA'. 


Check out the booklet

Check out this booklet (PDF, 733KB) by Mel Churton, registered psychologist in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Why is COVID still around?

COVID is a virus that keeps changing.

First alpha, then delta.

Now we have Omicron.

The virus mutates or changes and adapts as it spreads wanting to stay alive.

Each new variant or different type of COVID causes slightly different disease. Delta mainly affected the lungs. Omicron is more like a bad cold or tummy ache.

Each time COVID changes, scientists and doctors learn more about how to protect us. This is a good thing!

Will COVID ever go away?

COVID is going to keep coming and going over the next 1 to 2 years.

We hope it will eventually turn into something like the flu or colds that come mainly in winter.

As we learn about COVID, we will learn about what we need to do differently:

  • maybe we will always have the windows open a little bit to let COVID blow away
  • maybe we might need to develop a different vaccine?
  • maybe we will wear masks when we are unwell like they do in Japan?
  • all these things could help!

I'm so over COVID!!!

I feel like life will never be 'normal' again ...

Most people are SO OVER Covid. It has stopped a lot of good things happening.


Staying home has stopped the spread of illness.

The vaccines have made people get less sick.

Masks have stopped germs spreading so we can go out and stay safe.

Not having lots of people get together in small spaces has slowed the rate of infection.

All this stuff has been very hard. Most people want things back to the way they were! Hang in there.

In time, life will get closer to normal again. It won't be the same but will be a new, better normal.

I feel sad and down sometimes

If you feel sad, it is OK to say how you feel and it's OK to have a little bit of a cry.

If you feel down sometimes, this is normal because COVID has been a really big thing to get used to.

When you feel grumpy, it's OK to have a little stomp or a little sulk.

Maybe have a nana nap. When you are tired things always feel a bit harder to cope with.

BUT try not to get stuck! Thinking too much isn't very helpful and can make you more stressed. Try to let it go!

How can I make myself feel a bit happier?


Listen to happy music or sing.

Go for a walk, a run, a swim.

Hit or kick a ball.

Bounce on a tramp.

Hang out with your mates - social distanced of course!

Take some slow deeps breaths: Let it go.

Talk out how you feel and what you need.

Ask for a hug. Hugs make everything better!

Write a letter

You could even write your own letter to COVID telling it how you feel and why …


I just want to say….
I feel this way because ….
I wish …
From ….

Get those big feelings out, dump them and move on!

Why do some people have to isolate?

Viruses can't move by themselves - people take viruses with them and then breathe COVID out into the air.

If people stop meeting other people, COVID can't spread so easily.

If people meet outside, COVID in the breath gets blown away.

If someone in your house has COVID, open the windows to let COVID out. Try not to share the same air as them.

You need to stay home until you know you haven't caught it - approx. 10 days.

That stops you spreading it to other people.

When you are COVID free, you can go back to school and adults can go back to work.

What if I catch it or someone I care about does?

COVID is all around us now, so you might catch it.

You might get a sore throat, a runny nose or a cough. Some people get an upset tummy or some muscle aches.

A RAT test will show if this is COVID or just a cold.

If you have been vaccinated, COVID won't be so bad for you.

You will have to stay home until you are well again.

If you get a bit more sick, you will go to the doctor.

People who get really sick go to hospital.

If you do get sick, it is best to rest, let people look after you and focus on getting well again.

What is a RAT test?

A RAT test (rapid antigen test) can quickly tell you if you have COVID.

A long cotton bud goes in your nose and it is turned around 5 times.

It is put in special liquid.

This is dropped on a plastic slide.

Two lines mean you have COVID, one line means you don't.

You get the result in 15 minutes.

Enter your result onto the website.

It is super easy!

How to do a RAT

Watch this clip of Eric, an ear, nose and throat doctor from Australia showing how to do a RAT with his daughter Moana.

Go low and go slow.

Remember these things will keep you safest

  • wearing a mask over your mouth and nose
  • staying home when sick
  • being outside as much as possible
  • opening windows to let it out
  • getting your COVID shot
  • social distancing
  • not sharing drink bottles or food
  • hand washing

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