Bronchiectasis videos (Te Reo Māori and English)

Bronchiectasis videos (Te Reo Māori and English)

Watch a video series about 17-year-old Piri and his whānau's experience of bronchiectasis. You can hear a combination of te Reo Māori and English in the videos. 


Edward's grandfather died of bronchiectasis at a very young age so, naturally the news that Edward now has the disease isn't well received. Meanwhile 17 year old Piri's whānau have gathered at Starship Hospital to try to convince him to be proactive about getting to hospital as soon as his symptoms reappear.

The following 3 videos (parts 1,2 and 3) are produced by Faultline Films NZ.

Part 1 (8 minutes)

Part 2 (9 minutes 36 seconds)

Part 3 (8 minutes 32 seconds)

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